Top Ways For A Pest Control Company To Become More Environmentally Friendly

These days all companies should be doing whatever they can to become more environmentally friendly, and this includes pest control companies. The good news is there are several ways a pest control company can be more environmentally friendly. Let’s discuss a few of the top ways.

Use Eco-Friendly Pest Control Methods

Pest control companies should focus on using eco-friendly pest control methods. It doesn’t matter if they provide their services to commercial or residential properties, as well as letting agents and landlords, there are various pest control methods that are considered eco-friendly. For example, pest control companies can focus on using property fumigation and heat treatment for properties such as shops, hotels, restaurants and schools to name just a few. Thermal heat treatments are also suitable for residential properties, and it can be used to get rid of an array of pests such as bed bugs, rodents and many others.

Administration Side Of Things

Pest Control CompanyThere is also the administration side of things, which is something pest control companies of all sizes have to deal with. A pest control company can reduce the amount of paper they use and electricity they use in the office by not printing off invoices. If allowed via local laws, a pest control company can start providing their customers with electronic invoices and receipts.

This might not sound like much, but in the long-run doing this could result in using far less paper or result in using no paper at all. All companies should use as little paper as possible. As a pest control company, the chances are invoices are constantly being printed out. By switching to electronic invoices, a pest control company will be doing their part in saving trees.


Asides from using eco-friendly work vehicles, a pest control company can assess the current equipment they use in their daily operations. The chances are there are more eco-friendly options out there. If a pest control company hasn’t replaced their work equipment for a very longtime, then it’s time for them to look around to see what eco-friendly equipment is currently available. Switching to eco-friendly equipment can make all the differences in the world, and let’s not forget to mention that they may be far more effective than the equipment they currently use.


This might seem obvious, but recycling anything that is recyclable can result in a company becoming more eco-friendly. Pest control companies often don’t realize how many products and waste they could have recycled. A few times per year a pest control company should assess their recycling strategy and then make adjustments and recommendations if necessary.

Eco-Friendly Vehicles

Another way a pest control company can be more eco-friendly is by replacing their current fleet of petrol-powered vehicles with electric vehicles. The upfront costs might be a bit high, but in the long-run the company could end up saving money. It is often much less expensive to run electric vehicles than it is to run petrol-powered vehicles. More importantly, electric vehicles are much better for the environment than vehicles powered via petrol.

However, there are many types of eco-friendly vehicles out there. A pest control company will want to compare as many makes and models as possible. After they do this, they can decide which vehicles to add to their fleet.

There are many other ways a pest control company can become more environmentally friendly. However, the above are the easiest and best ways for them to do it. It doesn’t matter how long a pest control company has been in business for, it’s a good idea for them to take action to become as eco-friendly as they possibly can.