Our Projects

Our activity focuses on the areas which we believe present the greatest challenge – and opportunity – to creating sustainable cities and communities.

These are resource efficient buildings, sustainable infrastructure and resources and transport and logistics, all of which feed into our innovation networks projects and programmes. These include Total Community Retrofit, which concentrates on integrated, systems approaches to sustainable development, covering a diverse but inter-related range of elements that have an economic, social and environmental impact on the places we live and work. A number have a specific focus on innovation (technology, approaches and services) and supply chain.

Resource efficient buildings

  • Rushenden Retrofit
  • Office Building Behaviour Change
  • Scaling Up Retrofit

Sustainable infrastructure and resources

  • C2C BIZZ
  • SusLabNWE
  • Low Carbon London

Transport and logistics

  • iTransfer
  • LaMiLo
  • Weastflows

Total Community Retrofit approach

Innovation Networks

  • Climate Market Accelerator
  • Neighbourhood Demonstrators (N-DEMO)
  • Sustainable Innovation Forums (SIFs)
  • How to avoid we buy any house scams